Efficiency and partnership create the excellence of a team

The Studio Casetta and Partners is set up by the official owner and holder, Engineer Giancarlo Casetta,  his five partners and a group of about twenty consultants who, with yearly contracts,  collaborate permanently with the Studio.

The consultants are selected in order to guanrantee maximum professionality in the various working phases: from the planning stage to project executiion.  Some consultants have been selected according to consolidated competence in specific fields such as structural engineering, urbanistic design, bookkeeping and accountancy, work supervision, administration and quality control system.  Furthermore, a group of external professionists specialized prevalently in plant engineering, collaborate permanently with  Studio Casetta and Partners.  One person is entrusted to direct the general secretary management and administration.

Thanks to the presence of a highly qualified staff it is a general rule for Studio Casetta and Partners to guarantee a professional and competent approach during all the working phases starting from project planning  to the final finished project.