Oderzo, Treviso

The area  asisigned  for the construction of buildings purposely designed for residential use, is situated in Oderzo (TV) extending over a territory of about 51.000 sm close to the Monticano river. The green space of the building site blends in perfectly with the river view. The introduction of tall trees along the cycle – pedestrian  lane at the foot of the river bank will allow the users to reach the park  towards the west  creating a soft impact with the building. On precise indications on behalf of the municipal administration, agreed to make a big green park and contextually the creation of a basin volume area to hold the high flood waters of the “Paludei” chanal in order to improve situations related to  hydraulic risk.
Construction  of  5 – storey buildings will be realized against a reduction of the covered surface and  a major destination for a park for the inhabitants.  The building will mainly be for residential  use although it is planned to create offices or shops in only  one of the  buildings. The project planning methodologies adopted in projecting the building is in line with the sustainability standards applied to architechture and the principles of bio-climate construction will be adopted. The control of the geometry structure and the position of each single building, result in a attentive analysis of shade, in order to solve all the issues related to shading. In order to improve better living welfare and reduce environmental impact, the building material will be chosen on the basis of their ecological and biological characteristics.

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